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2021/02/06 11:45

Suicide Note

Chica Nanami Solo Photo Exhibitions

21th.March-28th.March 2018


My parents and grandmother have passed away. I thought about this as I photographed their deaths and sorted through the things that the dead had left behind. I thought that it was only a part of their tastes and memories, and that they could not have left everything behind. 
I have a strong attachment to things, and I can't throw things away. I thought that if I photographed them, I might be able to throw them away, and that's what inspired me to create this series of works. The series is divided into two sections, one for things I wear and one for things I don't wear. The series I submitted this time is about clothes that we wear. I wore and photographed my entire wardrobe, including clothes and shoes that I bought myself, mementos from my mother and grandmother, gifts that someone gave me, and clothes that I cannot throw away even if they are torn. At this point, I have photographed over 300 outfits. This is a series that I shoot once every five years and grow over a long period of time. The title is based on the plural form of the German word stoffe, meaning fabric.

Born in Yaeyama, Okinawa Prefecture, raised in Yaeyama and Miyako, moved to the main island of Okinawa with her family at the age of 10, started photography at the end of summer 2009. He started photography at the end of the summer of 2009, and the starting point for his work is something that originates from himself. The relationship with individuals, places, and things, and the conversations of others that I overheard. The work of the moment, small mistakes, thinking about the menu for dinner. Living without lying, not letting the discomfort go.

Solo exhibitions
2020 somewhere, anywhere, nowhere… / CANON OPEN GALLERY1
2018 Three consecutive solo exhibitions "Suicide Note" ( Farewell! , PIN-UP Gallery/ lieblings, rat&sheep/ Aishino Michiru/ Studio 
Two Person Exhibition
2014 "ITSUKA UCHIYAMA × CHICA NANAMI" ( Gallery & Bar 土 ,Gallery Apartment )

Group Exhibition
2019 ART PARK IN NAHA Presented by Colmena (PIN-UP Area) / Naha City Gallery (Okinawa) Naha Citizen Gallery (Okinawa)
2017 A Photographer's View of Okinawa 1972-2017 (Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
2015 Memories and Portraits - Okinawa and Korea Photo Exchange Exhibition - (Sakima Art Museum)

Chica Nanami